Sony wireless lavalier feedback when used in shoot with PA system

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      Just new to this but I went to shoot a conference and both speakers were wearing Sony


      wireless microphones with the tuner XLRs connected to my AX-2000 camera. They were on separate xlr inputs but set to same channel. Speakers were seated five feet from the microphone situated at the podium but I started to get all of this static and feedback. I had to turn them off and use the internal camera microphone.

      Has anyone had this problem? How do I fix it as I go to a lot of conferences where the speakers are speaking into a microphone as well as wearing a wireless microphone for recording video

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      The most likely culprit is the frequency on which the wireless mics are operating. A nearby radio or TV station could be creating interference on your frequency, for example. Even a cell phone in the pocket of one of your talent could be responsible. I’ve worked in venues in which cheap wiring caused terrible interference.

      It’s possible that the PA system in the venue is causing the feedback, too. The microphones are almost certainly omnidirectional and could be picking up sound from the PA speakers.

      Are the mic receivers you are using are true-diversity — that is, can they seek out the optimum frequency for reception. True-diversity receivers have two antenna which enables this. If not, it’s crucial that you identify a clear frequency and set your transmitters to it.

      Others here on the forum may have additional insights into your problem. Hope you can sort this out satisfactorily. If not, you might consider using wired mics next time. Even they, however, are subject to RF interference.


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      Thank you Jack I will check whether the microphones are true-diversity – the sound was fine fifteen minutes before the conference started and the PA system was on, but one thing that did change is that I saw others recording the conference with cell phones and they turned on the air conditioning. But I will start by checking out the microphones – thanks again.

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