Sony VX2100 and External Audio

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      I am using the Azden 200UPR along with Azden 10BT Lavalier Michrophones with my SONY VX2100. When I bring the audio into my editing software, it only has 1 channel of audio. What do I need to do to have both channels appear?

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      The mic you are recording with is only mono so when you plug it into your audio adapter it is only recording on one side of the stereo. If you are using a beachtek or Studio One adapter it should have a stereo/mono switch on it. By flipping that switch to MONO it will cross over the track and record the same thing on both tracks. The other thing you can do is after you have captured it into the computer your editing software should allow you to copy the one side to the other track. In Premiere you do this using the FILL LEFT or the FILL RIGHT option in audio effects.

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      Thanks Dale. I have copied the audio to the other track and my editing software also allows me pick to play back the audio as mono which then plays the same audio on both tracks. I was just wondering if maybe I was doing something wrong but I guess not. Thanks for your advice.

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