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      My editor left the project, so now I have half of my feature edited in Sony Vegas Pro 9 format. The footage is on my hard drive. The problem is I don’t have Sony Vegas Pro 9 installed and can’t afford it. Can I download the trial version and have all the features as the trial version? Also, if I don’t finish my edit within a month, can I acquire a different computer and download it again to finish up. I wish I could convert the footage into another format and use a simplier editing program, as I’m having a difficult time learning the Pro 9 version tutorials on You Tube. This is overwelming! Can I get some advice?

      Thanks Rob

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      Hi Rob –

      Yes, you can download the 30 day free trial and have access to all features/functions.

      Just make sure you render final output within that time period – Technically you could re-download on a new machine but moving all your files around is a big hassle and you open yourself up to problems.

      I don’t know if it’s still available, but Sony had a competitive upgrade going on for a really good price ($300 if I remember correctly) which might be worth it considering your time.

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      The current competitive upgrade is now $399.95. That’s still $200 off their fullwebsite price. The $300price Birdcat was referring to was a month ofJune special.

      Here are some of the details.

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      Another alternative would be to contract with one of the many video pros on this and other forums to finish your project.

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