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      Hi – I cannot launch my Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c program due to the error code listed below. I have re-installed those libraries from 2005, 08 and 10.

      I have kept up with my AVG virus scans and Malware Bytes scans, etc.

      Just previous to discovering this problem I had installed 2 graphics programs that may have hijacked the Visual C++ code.

      My system is a 32 bit Windows XP SP 3.

      Someone said I should re-install the Vegas program but I have 25 projects and am afraid they will get messed up. Please advise how to get mu program restored.



      <p style=”margin-bottom: 0in;”>Microsoft visual C++ runtime library
      <p style=”margin-bottom: 0in;”>
      <p style=”margin-bottom: 0in;”>Runtime error program C\pro
      files\sony\vegas pro 8.0\vegas80.exe

      <p style=”margin-bottom: 0in;”>
      <p style=”margin-bottom: 0in;”>this application has requested the
      runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the
      application’s support team for more info.

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      My first instinct is to uninstall the two graphics program and see if the problem persists. You might end up in ‘safe mode’ to do a total uninstall.

      The idea of reinstalling Vegas is an option to look at as well. A couple years ago my system drive became corrupted and I had to do a complete recovery (all my projects were on a separate hard drive) which included a total re-install of Vegas. Afterward when I opened each project they were perfectly intact.

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      newmovies: Hi. I suppose I could try a uninstall of those 2 programs. One is free and the other I have a license for.

      Most of my Vegas project files are on a separate partition from the C Drive programs. Maybe that aspect will not be so bad.

      We are also looking into a review of the 2005, 08 and 10 Run Time libraries as Sony listed the 2 versions Vegas needs. Also looking into the .NET Framework aspect.

      Thanks for your advice,


Viewing 2 reply threads
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