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Sony Vegas Pro 11 Color Flashing Problem?

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    So while working with a clip in Sony Vegas Pro 11 I noticed that the colors in the video were very screwed up. They seem to flash and change randomly, and it makes the video very difficult to watch. This only happens in Sony Vegas. If I just play the file normally this isn’t present. What can I do to fix it? Thanks!

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    Ian. If you havn’t already you may want to head over to the Sony Creative website and check in their forum. I know there was some discussion on the issue on their board. Not sure what the outcome was.

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    I’ll check it out. I’m searching right now. You wouldn’t happen to have a link or any advice, would you?

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    Update: So It has gone away after I went to prefences, and changed the video file’s pixel format to 8 bit, and then back again to 32 bit full range.

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    sound like the problem I had with Vegas pro checkout my string on Vegas problems

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