Sony Vegas Pro 11 Announced

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      I was looking at that on Fri evening – I am not
      sure what GPU enhancements will be that much faster. That would be my
      buying point as I am always hungry for more speed, but last year they
      promised similar and the upgrade in render speed was very minimal for
      me. This year they are stating it will help playback though…

      RAW photo support MIGHT be nice, but then I think of how often I use my own photos – it is usually just jpegs from clients.

      What is the big difference/advantage between grouping and event synchronization?

      The titler would be something to look at, just hope it is a true
      improvement, and not just a step closer to something you would see on a
      consumer NLE, although I do admit I like opening Pinnacle Studio for
      titles once in a while and this might save a step.

      The image stabilization in 10 was pretty decent, although the
      “rubber” effect at times is more distracting than just letting the
      camera bounce a bit – I would like to see if this enhancement woks on
      fixing that.

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      I will certainly upgrade this time – I’ve been a serious holdout and am running 32 bit 8 Pro – I just never had the need to upgrade until now – I am building a new PC and will have Win 7 Pro 64 bit so I will get this primarily for the 64 bit support. Of course, there have been other improvements (like Pro Titler which has to be better than version 8) plus it’s just plain time.

      The other big thing is Magic Bullet Movie Looks is supposed to work with it now as well (one of the reasons I kept with 8). I have used MBML a bunch and am hoping with my new build (i7-2600K, 8GB RAM, more…) I can do a render in under a day with it (Bleach Bypass for a 30 minute piece took 34 hours on my old box).

      There is also supposed to be some nice additions to DVD Architect that makes for much more glitzy Blu-Ray authoring capabilities.

      Once they come out with a feature chart and upgrade pricing, I’ll post them here.

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      You will definitely see an insane speed upgrade with the 64 bit version on a 64 bit PC. I open magic bullet with the 32 bit just fine in Vegas 10, but those renders crawl at less than snail speed – even normal renders with no effects.

      Did I read correctly before that DVD architect will be pretty much built into Vegas now? I thought it was crazy at first that it was a separate program, but now I prefer it that way (just used to how Pinnacle always did it). I might keep an eye out for that end of it as well if the upgrades are significant. In any case I think their upgrade pricing last year was pretty fair so I would expect the same.

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      Did I read correctly before that DVD architect will be pretty much built into Vegas now?

      I hope not – I use some advanced features of DVDA and would hate to see either them go or slow down Vegas because of their inclusion. I’ll look into that tomorrow.

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      I don’t know if it would hurt anything that much, especially on newer computers. I do like the separation though. On my computer I can have 3-4 instances of Vegas open and rendering and it really does not have much impact on each individual render speed (now if they could just harness all that power and aim it at one render to speed it up and go 3x its speed – obviously Vegas is not using the computer to it’s full potential during renders and I have all my settings at max CPU threads and max RAM etc set) and DVD Architect iteself I don’t think is a very heavy load either.

      Now when I have renders going, the playback on other instances of vegas is affected, so I like to finish 3-4 sections of a wedding video at a time and then set them all to do batch renders while I am away (BD, DVD, AC3). Good luck doing this with any Adobe product!

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