Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere?

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      simple question. what is better for skateboarding videos, sony vegas, or Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, and why? i need something good for slow motion.

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      Can of worms alert!

      Put five editors in a room and you’ll get twelve opinions.

      Seriously, I love Sony Vegas (I use Pro 8, decided not to upgrade to 9 yet) and I find it easy to use and quick to learn, while giving you a great deal of powerful tools that some other NLE’s require additional software for.

      For slow motion in Vegas you have two options – Hit the control key and size (drag) the clip on the timeline or for much more precise control, apply a velocity envelope to the video track and use that (you can also use this last method to freeze frame and play backwards as well).

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      Premiere is a wonderful tool, and I have been using it for about four years now.I will say this though: If you are going for slow-mo, after effect would greatly increase the smothness and fluidity of the piece. The reason I bring this up is because of the price. Adobe products are among the best in town but they definitely aren’t cheap. You wouldn’t necessarily have to get AE, but it would help.

      If you have the budget for the Adobe route, I would say go for it, because it’s a program that you aren’t going to learn every function in a day (possibly not ever) but rather it’s one that will grow with you as your talents and skills improve.

      That said: Vegas was never my thing, but based on what I have heard from the peeps on this forum, it should suit nicely.

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      I doubt Vegas or Premiere have good SloMocapabilities. Go with After Effects, which was already mentioned, or by the Twixtor plug-in

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      Hey if you are interested in what others say about NLE Check this out by DR. Eric Franks of Digital Juice

      By the way I have Vegas 9 and so far no troubles and i do slo mo and it turns out fine robgrauert is correct the after effects is great but it is hard to beat vegas as far as i am concerned.


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      Did someone open that can of worms sorry

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      Either program will suit your needs. My outfit uses both and I have edited productions with both. Two things to keep in mind, separately premiere and vegas are around the same price and I do believe the full vegas suite (vegas, soundforge, acid, etc.) is a little cheaper than CS+ (based on VP8). The main distinctions are their interfaces which could not be more different.

      Having worked with premiere almost since it came out I would have been lost on how to work with vegas had I not also worked with acid and soundforge for the same amount of time. The first time I used it was to cut a film and once my assistant editor an I spent a couple of hours with it, we were up and running. I’m not sure how learning vegas would be for someone with little or no editing experience as it is not a traditional ‘timeline’ based editor.

      Premiere however, is a traditional timeline-based editor and I found it much easier to learn to use than Avid based nle’s. That and the support you get from phoshop, afx, illustrator and flash. Vegas is supported by Boris (which despite my technical adeptness have never been able to figure out how to use) and Magic Bullet. There’s some minor support from phoshop, but you can’t switch between the programs like the adobe products can.

      In your case, I would base my decision on a) my budget, b) my skill level and c) how elaborate I planned on getting with my content. If you’re going with full-on mographics and layered this and 3D that, you need the premiere suite. If you want to get it done quickly and make it look good without a whole lot of mographics but great audio, roll with Vegas.

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      na dude i just wanna make a freakin skate video im not doin that 3D shit or anything complicated. the only thing i need to know is how to slow down the audio pitch to match the video and which program does this easiest and is easiest to learn.

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      From a personal perspective, I find the Adobe paradigm (Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc….) very complex – My graphic artist friends like it but I think it’s needlessly obtuse.

      I do think that Vegas is very simple to use – I have done some fairly complex things with it and if I can do it, anyone can.

      Also, contrary to other opinions, it is most definitely a timeline based NLE – It just has many extra features that other NLE’s require additional software for.

      I have looked at several NLE’s and still choose Vegas (I checked out Premier Pro and Avid Media Composer not too long ago).

      Also, if you are concerned about audio, that is where Vegas actually came from (audio editing) and it still retains some very nice and powerful tools built into the package.

      Just my experience – your mileage may vary.

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