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      I have a question and don’t want to turn this into a bash Pinnacle thread.

      I have used Pinnacle Studio for years, from V8 thru the current V12 Ultimate. Outside of V10, which had numerous issues, I have had no trouble with Pinnacle at all. I keep hearing how Sony is so much better, and wanted to get the input of someone who has used both why I should consider switching.

      I really want to know what makes Sony’s product better to see if I should consider switching. I do like the increased number of video tracks (max in Pinnacle V12 is 3 while Movie Studio shows 4). I helpled an acquaintance in town make some changes to a video he was working on in Sony Movie Studio and I had no problem figuring out what to do in what little time I helped him, but wanted to know what makes is so much better in the eyes of many on here. Again, realize, that I have had no problems with Pinnacle and it has served me well for the past 6 years. I am just curious with all this talk if maybe Sony Movie Studio is better for my needs.

      Basically, I want someone to sell me on Sony without making me feel like an idiot because I have had such good luck with Pinnacle.

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      I included a link below for a video from Sony about Why Vegas Pro – Yes, I know you are looking at the Movie Studio version but MS has about 85% of the functionality of Pro (biggest limitations are 4 video + 4 audio tracks and lack of scripting) and there are many things you can do in Vegas that are harder to do in other NLE’s.

      I started with Pinnacle Studio 8 and liked it but had many problems with systems crashes (couldn’t complete even one small project) – I looked at MS Movie Maker (really sucky at the time – about six years ago) so tried the Vegas Movie Studio (called Screenblast Movie Studio then) and then upgraded to Vegas+DVD 6 (what they called the Pro version then). I have never been sorry about that decision.

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      Thanks for the video clip. That gives me more insight into Vegas Pro.

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      Hi Birdcat, I just purchased Vegas Movie Studio v10 after having used Pinnacle Studio v12 and v14. I really like Vegas, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to preview in full resolution. Previews are always choppy. In Pinnacle, if I set it to use background rendering, I could simply render my effects on the timeline and then preview in full res. Is there a way to achieve that in Vegas? Thanks in advance!

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      I use both NLE programs, they both run fine on my computer, slow if both are open at the same time. I find Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate has more effects available, but the Sony 10 pro has unlimited tracks and fewer, different effects.

      Here is my two programs –

      I have no preferred NLE, each has it’s good area and each has it faults, but Pinnacle Studio is easier to learn and use.

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      I believe since version 10, the Sony movie studio product line allows you to work with 10 video and 10 audio tracks, which comes in really handy with compostiing, special effects and animated-multi level titles.


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      I don’t know about the other programs but I have been using Adobe products for years and the dynamic linking functions are awesome. You don’t have to render an After Effects composition to bring it into Premiere Pro. Just a thought.

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      I use both Sony Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Pro. I’ve never used Pinnacle.

      If Pinnacle works well for you now, why change? NLEs are only tools. Whatever works for you is probably the “best” NLE you can find.


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      Since Avid sold all Pinnacle Studio and Studio line to Corel many users are in position to decide to stay with Pinnacle software as long they can or think to transfer to Corel ProX5 may be in the next week a very special deal or proposal come from Corel offering to change to Corel regular product. But the problem still, when we choose to work with a software is not forone year because everything done cannot be opened with a competitive product and the question still What is the best solution for my budget and my need in video ? The compagny selected can be in business in 5 or 10 years ? Ups a situation today the DVD is the king but camera are AVCHD that means tomorrow the B-R was need. May be a work done today in DVD need to be remake in B-R in2 years.



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      Hi candjvideo,

      I’ve used Pinnacle Studio since v9 and yep, v10 was horrible. It got a lot better after that, but my experiences were right down the middle vs. one or the other. Most of the time it worked ok, but I did experience the periodic freeze and system crash. Still, I liked the layout of Pinnacle Studio and after using it for so long, I was just comfortable enough with it to keep using it.

      With v15 Studio HD Ultimate running on a good system, I was hoping for a stable product but unfortunately I still experienced the periodic crash (even with a modern built-for-video system). It made me realize that enough was enough. If Pinnacle couldn’t produce a stable product after all these years, it was time to find a better product.

      I didn’t want to spend $600 on Vegas Pro – even after playing with the free trial – so $125 for Movie Studio HD Platinum is what I opted for. And wow what a difference!

      A full 6 weeks of video production with videos ranging up to 90 minutes and not one crash. Not one. My system hums along with no issues whatsoever and I wish I’d made the switch well before this.

      Pinnacle is as straight-forward and intuitive as it gets, and working in a different editing environment like Movie Studio does take a bit to get used to. Surprisingly, after barely an hour or so I felt comfortable enough to ditch Pinnacle and use Movie Studio exclusively.

      I honestly wouldn’t go back to Pinnacle if you paid me. The performance increase is amazing, and that translates to more valuable time for editing vs. rebooting.

      One thing to mention is that I did use VAAST’s tutorial DVD on Movie Studio ( and I think that’s why I became so comfortable as quickly as I did. Douglas Spotted Eagle is a certified Sony trainer with a great teaching technique and I’ve purchased a couple of his DVDs in the past. When I saw his new one for Movie Studio, I was confident that I could get up and running in no time. And I did.

      Movie Studio’s ShowMe tutorials are good but a bit “stiff” for me. Douglas’ teaching method is more relaxed and a LOT of fun.

      Now with all that said, would I still switch if I DIDN’T have the issues I had? Probably not, at least not anytime soon. After all, why switch when what you have works for you? There’s really no reason if it’s doing the job you need it to do.

      I’d say the best way to see if it would be better for you is to do what I did. Play with the free trial for a bit and see. So many people have different opinions that only you would really be able to tell if it meets with your specific needs. But from one Pinnacle user to another, I “do” recommend at least checking it out and seeing.

      Good luck!


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