Sony vegas and sony camcorder dcr dvd505??

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      i assume since the above camcorder has only as usb connection that you can’t edit with sony vegas movie studio and then that would leave only adobe premiere elements 2 or pinnacle studio v. 10.5??

      and i again ask what format does this camcorder record the mini-dvd’s in, is it MPEG 2.

      i would appreciate a reply, thankyou.

      It is frustrating in the stores b/c they don’t seem to know a lot about the camcorders and i want to get the best editor that is easy to use. i don’t plan on doing fancy editing.

      Best Regards.

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      Vicks: The editing software and the interface used to get video from your camera to a PC are two different animals. You dont necessarily have to use your NLE software to do that. In other words you could use Microsofts Movie Maker to capture your video from your camera and then you could just fire up Vegas, import your already captured video file into that and then start editing that way too. Usually however, most software solutions come with an easy to use interface built into it for capturing.

      The best way to capture video is by using a IEEE1394 (Firewire) port. This has a faster throughput thus resulting in almost no dropped frames. I guess you finally can bring video in via a USB 2.0 cable too with out too many problems. I would have to think that it depends on how fast the PC is too.

      To answer your question regarding your camera output, the answer is, YES. Im 99.9% sure that all DVD cameras burn using the MPEG-2 type file format. Thats a standard compression protocol associated with DVD technology. Mind you that the fact that you are mentioning editing software and DVD camera in the same sentence concerns me. IMO I would never edit video from a DVD camera. In fact I would never own a DVD camera. If a person is just a simple shooter and won’t be doing any editing than that’s a one thing but if you are going to be editing… forget it! I posted the reason why on your other post in the Camcorders Forum.

      Im curious is someone telling you to get this DVD camera? A salesmen maybe???

      You will be WAY disappointed with the quality of the video after youre done compressing it for the second time. Especially after you spent $800.00 or $900.00 dollars for the camera. :'(


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      Thx for the reply, I talked to Sony’s tech staff in Customer Support in Ontario today and they advised that I should pick up their software which is $119, Vegas Movie Studio. Apparently the company was bought out by Sony and they tweaked the software to deal with the MPG 2 compression, loss of quality issue when editing to be compatible with Sony’s cameras.

      The Tech I spoke with indicated that the program has been redesigned in some minor ways so that the concept of the editing is done in a propritery manner so that there is no loss of quality and that the bitstream complements what comes out of the camera. And there is no MPEG 2 issue.
      He said he has the same camera and uses the program, so I went out and bought it.

      I did a trial run this afternoon and the edit with music,titles and I even did some fade in/outs and the Quality was great.
      The software includes Tutorials as well.

      Thought that I would post here as perhaps this info may help others. Am going down tomorrow to pick up a zoom microphone for $79 as well that will fit on the hot shoe. ( I had one for my old Sony Hi 8 and was happy with it, but even nicer; these ones go along the length of the camera and don’t protrude! ( And I already have 3600 MA battery plus a 2400 MA that I bought through a wholesaler battery friend that I used with my Hi 8 camera and so along with the 2 batteries that came with the camcorder I should be set)

      The tech indicated that Sony was aware of the issue of compression when they started on their new models with mini dvd media and so they at that time they negotiated a deal with this Vegas software company and did some tweaks to the software to suit their cameras ; wanting to keep Sony’s camcorders at the forefront with others.
      Seems like they made a good move as this dvd that I gave my granddaughter of her game today that I edited turned out fine!!!

      Just thought that I would add this, and I did get a PM from an owner of the same camcorder advising of the Vegas software saying that he was indeed pleased with it and highly recommended a purchase.
      The store said to use it for 30 days and if I don’t like it bring it back for a full refund. And they knocked off $20 for father’s day, so not a bad deal!

      They have sold a lot of this Movie Studio along with their camcorders and have had none returned so they feel that the editing must be of decent quality. They had a sample to show me in the store that was from mini dvd’s from the 405 the model below my camera which I thought indeed was a good marketing idea.

      So far this looks like a keeper, I still have 30 days to fiddle around with it and see. A good deal for me and that applies to the camera too.

      Best Regards.

      BTW, the tech in Ontario said if I want the AVI tape version to look at their DCR HC96 which presently sells for $949 up here but he said in a few months it will be dropping drastically b/c of the mini dvd camcorders. So he said if I am unhappy with my edits to wait a few months and the HC96 will be way down in price.


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      This must be somewhat new because I havent come across any articles regarding being able to edit MPEG-2 formats without the normal problems. Id be very interested in seeing how they solved that. Id also be interested in seeing how it looks in the end too. I guess deep down I’d figured sooner or later someone would come up with a solution.

      At any rate, thanks for the info. It sounds like youre all set so happy filming!


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      If you’re happy with the footage, that’s great and I’m happy for you, but personally, I wouldn’t settle for it.

      You are right, Sony bought Vegas from Sonic Foundry (The company that used to make Vegas, Acid Pro, and all their other hi-tech software offerings). Actually, they pretty much absorbed the whole company. But from what I could tell, the biggest change from Sonic Foundry Vegas 4 to Sony Vegas 5 was the company name on the startup screen. They cleaned a few components up, but more or less, it was the same song and dance with a new name.

      I have Vegas 6, the "big brother" of Vegas movie maker that you bought. More features, more spendy. But I’ve tried editing MPEG-2’s on it, and as a pro, I am not fond of the quality. There’s a lot of compression problems on the re-encoding. I think the salesman was hyping up his product to get you to buy it.

      If you think your MPEG editing looks alright, then I’m telling you, try MiniDV. You’ll never go back. The quality is infinitely better, and in the end, you’ll have a nicer product.

      Then again, if you’re primarily doing kids’ videos and whatnot, a DVD camera might be acceptable, but as a pro, I personally won’t buy one myself.

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