Sony Vegas 9 Rendering Issues?

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      I have Sony Vegas 9, and I’ve looked up all the tutorials and I think I have everything set correctly, but when I render my video, the audio is all choppy and the video is just a black screen with designs going on it and it freezes my whole computer. I don’t know if I have everything set correctly, but I do not think that it’s too much memory. I’ve tried it about 4 times, and always put it in the same place. Could I try another place or different settings? I really have no idea. Please help.
      And I’m not really all that hi-tech so try and explain it simple please.

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      How about a little more information? What type of PC, (as much as you can tell us about processor, ram, harddrive(s), operating System,as simple as right-clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties from the list and reading from the Systemsection on the screen)? What type of video are you editing (SD, HD, AVCHD, DV, HDV, etc.)?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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