Sony Vegas 8.0c Pro Sound Problem

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      I have a video all set up, and sometimes when I render it I get a ‘pop’ or ‘click’ sound right as the file starts. This happens with many different videos. Or I can just load a video, select it and render it. CLICK/Pop.

      In Vegas there is NO SOUND at that point in the audio track. I can mute the audio entirely and it is STILL there.

      If I mute the VIDEO track, the sound is usually reduced. I say usually because I can render the file several times, using EXACT same seetings and area selected to render, and get different results. It happens even if I render, then re-render with a different output name. The files will have differences at the beginning.

      When the sound appears – it never goes away simply by more renders.

      I have tried this on two machines (both running WinXP – Home & Pro).

      It’s very frustrating. Please HELP!!!!!!!!

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      I remember reading a post on the sony forum about this issue, it was reported as a bug, but I have not seen any resolution to that issue posted since, but I’ll keep looking. what format are you rendering to? is this problem at the very beginning of the timeline?


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      Are you using an internal sound card or an external USB/FW sound interface? I’d say update your drivers and make sure nothing else is trying to use your sound card. If using an external box, make VERY sure that it’sgoingright to the mobo and not through a hub, or if it’s in a FireWire chain, that there’s nothing else connectedto the same port. Also, if you have not done so, turn off system sounds in Control Panel. I’ve had wierd things like thathappen to sound files in Audition but the problem went away after I added more RAM. Just some thoughts.

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      Strange my Vegas does not do this as Johnboy has said check the Sony Vegas forum I am sure there is someone there that has seen or heard about this

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      I never thought to check the codec used. I always do final output in Xvid, so I did a sample in Lagarith – same click. 2 different machines, one with onboard sound, one with USB headset.

      BUT — I discovered that the FIRST render after I launch Vegas has NO CLICK. All of the following renders have the click. See samples on YouTube:

      First render – no click:

      2nd and all later renders – CLICK (pop?):

      SO……I suppose the easy fix is restart Vegas and render the file.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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