Sony Vegas 8 Pro—do I need DVD Architect or the AC-3 Encoder?

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      i can get a good offer on just the vegas…do i need the other two?

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      Well… for one, you cant exactly buy this software package without dvd (as well as blu-ray) authoring (known as architect 4.5), or Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding, and two, its beneficial, since it offers an integrated environment for all phases of professional video, audio, DVD, and broadcast production, even if you aren’t a pro (you could fool everyone). This allows you to fine-tune your audio with precision, and author surround sound, dual-layer DVDs. If you ask me, its better and easier than Windows dvd maker. And no, Im not a spokesperson for Sony creative software, and not adverting the features, just explaining about them, not to mention this is the software that I use and would highly recommend.

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      I agree with jet on this I use Vegas Pro and mine came with architect 4.5. My workflow is much easier with the two togeather, and they are made for each other. Good offers might not always be that good.

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      What they said.

      Sony hasn’t offered Vegas Pro without DVD Architect since ver. 6. You have to have the AC3 encoder to do 5.1 audio. The good news is when you get the encoder with Vegas, you don’t have to buy it again for ACID or Soundforge. Jet is correct in that DVDA smokes Windows DVD maker hands down because it is a professional authoring tool in the neighborhood with Adobe Encore and similar software. I suspect the so-called ‘deal’ getting pushed your way may be pirated software. Do yourself a favor and cough up the $400+ to get an authentic copy and license. If you’re using it for paid work, it will pay for its self in 2 or 3 jobs.

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      thank you for the input, guess I’m saving up for another month.

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