SONY VEGAS 3D problem, please help?!

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello everyone.

I've recently recorded a live show on my 3D LG smartphone. It's a stereoscopic one with two lenses. (it's standard format: mp4)

So the recording was already in 3D, and I wanted to swap the audio for the album version. When I load this file into Vegas you see the two sceens side by side (as usual on not-3d devices) en everything went perfect, i could easily swap the audio.

But then I rendered it again as an .mp4 file, only to discover the "3D" effect is lost. My mobile device doesn't see it as an 3D file but shows the 2 frames side by side.How can I edit the 3D file, so it will still remain a 3D file?(Besides, the original 3D file was 192MB, the edited video 20MB)

Thank you in advance for your replies!

Jay Jay.