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      Hi all,

      I have sony vegas 11 and two video cards, gtx 550 and 570. What’s the best suggested set up using two monitors and these two cards?

      I’m stumped.

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      Well you cannot set them up in SLI because they are 2 different GPU chips. That doesn’t matter that much though because Vegas does not support multiple GPUs (yet). The 570 would be best for rendering, and you can attach 2 monitors to that one card. Not sure what you would do with the 550 in there…

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      Couldn’t I hook my monitors to the 550, and then tell vegas to use the 570 for rendering?

      THis way the 570 isn’t used at all for editing, only the 550 is, then the 570 does all the rendering.

      Does that make sense? Or do they not work that way?

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      Does the information in the Sony Vegas 11 Pro manual help?  Manual page 357-361 (Adobe Reader page 365-369)

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      (EDIT: I had originally spoke about the GPUs not doing the rendering, yet have learned otherwise with some reading. I guess I’m used to the PC doing all the work! … Apparently the PRO versions do use GPU resources. Sorry I can’t be of more help at this time, but I’m reading up on it myself!)

      I run two GTX 280 cards (not in SLI), using one card to run a Matrox box, that supports (3) 24″ Dell monitors. Treats them as one (3840×1024), and the second video card runs a Dell 30″ that is wall mounted above the 24s in (2560×1600). Makes video editing, and other things a blast!! Lots of real-estate.

      You should have two VGA or two DVI ports on the back of those cards. It’s best to run the monitors off the DVI, and you simply run one cable (from the video cards) to the monitors. Then in “display settings”, adjust accordingly.?

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      yea, i read that in the manual but it didn’t really clearly answer my question. Johnny that sounds like a sweet set up… I could set up all 4 monitors I have, but that’s overkill and not necessary (yet!) πŸ™‚

      I’m more interested in processing power (of the GPU), and I think I found my answer, but not necessarily THEE answer. For the work that I do and the card that I have GTX 570HD 2.5GB, I don’t need another card. Even with a bunch of effects and transitions this card only fires at 50% at most!! So, for the time being, it doesn’t matter. I took out the 550 and it’s going back to a friend.

      Still, it’d be good to be clear on whether or not it makes sense (and if it’s possible) to have 2 video cards on Vegas 11 to achieve the following; one card that’s used for RENDERING ONLY (so you only use it for your processing power, no actual viewing is done with this card; and the other card that’s used to view the program/computer, etc.

      If anyone finds out… or knows, add it here so we can all know! Thanks!

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      @Shaun, On your motherboard, do you have Two 2.0 x16 PCI-E Slots?

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      yes and one of them has my 570 in it.. why?

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      Sometimes people will ask about adding a second card, but not be aware that their system may not support a second card.

      The North Bridge is going to control which video card renders which job, I have never ran two mixed PCI-E cards so I would not know how one could choose for a project to be rendered by which card. However if you do know how to do it, then I would suggest go for it. If you can put the weight of rendering on the power card then you will get faster rendering. However one item I can state on, regardless of the card, or cards, the North Bridge will still be controlling the data flow.

      So from Memory (RAM) to North Bridge, then to assigned video card, then to memory, then to HDD. (for video rendering)

      The you using the system playing chess, or surfing the net, or working on another project with other card. From Memory (RAM) to North Bridge, then to memory then to HDD.

      I see a bottle neck at the North Bridge, since you are mixing cards, the data rate flow will be a variable, you will therefore have some wait states that MAY affect final quality.

      I do believe you will bottle neck at the North Bridge as the memory is a great deal slower at data than the GPU, but it is in my thinking worth the attempt, just because I am a devoted geek and think any concept that will make a rig faster and better is worth it. But memory is the most cumbersome part.

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      Cool to know all that, I didn’t know the flow of info like that.

      I have 16gb cas 7 ram, and an i7 2600k with HT, add the 570 HD all in the new Asus board and this thing screams. So I’d be hard pressed to think that right now it would benefit from the other card, but maybe.

      Not to mention it doesn’t seem like this ‘routing’ of the video flow as I’m looking to do can even be done in Vegas, which is the ultimate question.

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