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      Hi all, new member here from Autsralia – I am days away from probably buying a Sony V1 to shoot some promotional clips for websites – would be interested in anyone’s experience with this camera. They go for around $3500 here.

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      Have no experience with the Sony V1 but have used a Sony A1 for the last six years and a Sony Z5 for the lastyear, in all I use4 Sony cameras.Ionly buySony products because of their reliability, electronic and mechanical design and recording results. Previously I owned the major national electronic service company in Australia where for an annual fee we repaired the products at no further cost to the consumer. Our annualfeewasdetermined bythe average failure rateby brand and model. Consistently in electronic productsbut specifically withVideo cameras, Sony had the lowest failure rate, but only on Sony products manufactured in Japan.We also discovered any camera tape mechanism had far less problems if the same brand and type of tape was always used, I have found AV Central in Sth Australia the cheapest place to purchase my Sony cameras. Hope this helps.

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      Hi Rocky, that is great info – I sure appreciate you taking the time to respond – cheers

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      Sony’s got about the worst reliability (in terms of lasting) with consumer cams.

      My HDR-HC1 blew up (compartment won’t close) after attempts in high humidity.

      JVC’s best for consumer/step-up prosumer, Canon’s best for prosumer, and Panasonic is also prosumer. Sony’s best for high-end professional, and I mean high end. Their consumer products aren’t as reliable as JVC’s.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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