Sony TRV460 digital8 NP-FM50 Lithium battery POOR?

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      I have just purchased a Sony TRV460 Digital8 camcorder and it comes with only one battery. I know I will need at least one spare(back-up). I have read some reviews of the Sony NP-FM50 Lithium lon Battery which show frustration etc. with the short life of the battery (10 t0 12 months in some cases). What are my alternatives?
      Do you recommend my using my old Hi8 tapes with the Digital8 or go with ONLY Digital8 tapes?
      Thanks in advance.
      Ramon Best

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      Re the NP-FM50 battery that came with camera, can’t help you. I suggest using this as the Backup. The website indicates that your camcorder also takes the NP-QM series battery. I have three of these for my D8 Sony TRV-830 model camcorder. In July (2005), I will have been using them for three years and they are still going strong. You will pay more money for these and (MOST LIKELY — cuz there are no guarantees in life really) get lots more time in hours and years than the battery that came with your camera. (Of course, double check with the helpful bhphotovideo tech re compatibility of your precise choice of batteries with your camcorder.)
      You can use your Hi8 tapes in your D8 camcorder and in the default setting of your camcorder (i.e., how it comes from the dealer), your camcorder will automatically record Digital 8 video images on the Hi8 tape. Digital 8 started out as digital images on Hi8 tape and this is still the case today. (In my mind, it was absolutely brilliant for Sony to come up with this: a technology based on placing digital images (Digital 8) onto “analog” tape (Hi8 tape). My standard is Sony Hi-8 Metal Evaporative (HME). Lately, I’ve been bouncing video originals on mini DV tape via firewire over to Hi8 tape in D8 format (sometimes back and forth several times) for back-ups, safety copies, rough cut editing, etc. with no generation loss. D8 on Hi8 ROCKS!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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