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      I recently bought the Sony PMW-EX1R camcorder which uses Sony SxS cards. After reading posts on various forums I decided to take a calculated risk and not purchase the expensive SxS cards but rather a MxR ExpressCard Reader from e-films that allows you to use common SDHC cards. Upon plugging the MxR and a SanDisk Extreme 16 GB Class 10 card into the camera for the first time, the camera gave me a message of “Cannot Use Media. Unsupported File System.” My camera’s firmware is up to date with version 1.20. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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      Can you try reformatting the card while you have it in the EX1? I have never tried to use this kind of media, so it’s just a hunch since the error you get says, “Unsupported File System.”

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