Sony Supermicro Professional Computer questions

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      I’m interested in this computer offer incl the full Vegas Pro Master Suite however, has

      a) anybody worked with this system and

      b) I cant find details if i.e. DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI (HDCP) and / or DVI-D (HDCP) or for that matter VGA connections are available. All I could find was that the system includes 10-USB ports and 1 Fire Wire-400.

      I appreciate your advise. Thanks.

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      I have no experience with the computer, but regarding the display connections, all three of the Sony Supermicro models use the nVidia Quadro FX580 card which has 2 DisplayPorts and a Dual-Link DVI.

      link for card details…

      ( )

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      That clears it up. Thanks for the info.

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