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      I’m new to this and having trouble with wind noise with my Sony sr82, I will be using this camera for filming goose hunting. I just put on sonys shotgun microphone and was wondering if when this is on if the microphone built into the camera is supposed to still work or not. I’m hoping not to prevent the unwanted windnoise. Thanks ahead of time

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      Normally when you attach en external mic the internal mic is disabled.

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      It’s probably coming from the shotgun mic. If you are filming outside, even the slightest breeze can cause problems with your mic. If it came with a foam windscreen, put that on when filming outside. If you want, you could go get a fuzzy fur windscreen (I’m not sure what the official name is). The fuzzy one will work the best for you.

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      Ya say you put the shotgun on the camera. Could it be noise from the HD spinning? Although quiet, a HD does make noise that could be transferred if physically mounted on the camera. If this is not the problem, it could very well be wind noise.

      I have been doing HS football games from the crow’s nest atop the concession stand. Basically you are standing on the flat roof of a two story building. Lots of wind noise.

      I ordered a muff for the integrated mike of my VX2100 and it worked. Got it from and they had one for the 2100 listed on their website. I e-mailed them about something for a TRV22 and my new DCR-HC48. They did have them but since the mike on those cameras are integral, It is only a stickon foam windscreen but it helped also. Reasonable and I got the thewindcutter URL from a prior post by compusolver.

      Most of the stuff I try comes from this forum and usually from Computsolver info. Wish he would come back fulltime but I know he is busy.


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      I recently purchased a Sony SR82 myself and I read on a couple of different sites some people have bought “Mic Jack Adapters”. Now does this mean they can now use a mic with the standard 3.55mm jack or can it only use Sony mics? And does anyone know where you can get one of these mic jack adapters?

Viewing 4 reply threads
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