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For the past two days I have been trying to send my HDR-SR12 in for repair. The Sony website lets be enter all the informatiion, including credit card, then the page after email confirmation has a error that the page is unavailable. I have emailed Sony and they say it is working, talked to rep who spoke very poor english for El Salvador, who didn't understand the problem and chatted with Sony who said to wait till the website is fixed.

Question - is there another way to send in my camcorder.

Oh, yes, problem is that 1st, the zoom and focus were out of sync, then the zoom made a grinding noise when the camera was turned on, then finally I get a error message and the camera is always out of focus.


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Have you noticed a 'lemony fresh' scent coming from your rig? Are you still under warranty? If so, send it in for repair or replacement. If not, then yeah you'll have to pay for repairs. If you're having trouble registering your gear online my first suggestion is to do so on another computer with web access. Your firewall / anti-virus software (if you're using a PC) may be interfering with the info download from Sony's site. Trying it on another system will confirm whether the problem is on your system or if Sony's site is out of whack.

I'm surprised that when you talked to them that they didn't refer you to their support/repairs section. Next time you call customer service ask for that dept. up front and register your repair request directly. Don't forget to record your repair order / issue number (or whatever they call it) and get them to email you the proper forms to include in the box when you send it back. Do all of this asap!

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