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      Like apple products has a web page called and we can check all news and rumors we care about. Here you can see some advices about buy or just wait for the next generation of every mac product.

      This is my question: what about SONY? Somebody know a webpage related to news about SONY camcorders? Somebody said: don’t buy the HXR-NX5U NXCAM, wait until March for the next model… and personally I chose this camera but… should I wait for the one is coming next? But when, march or 1 year after? I know always new models are coming like computers. But I don’t want to wait too long, I can wait for march if I am sure the next camcorder is coming but no longer time.

      So, some body can give me an advice about it? Somebody knows a website and take a look about it?

      Thanks for all answers….. Al

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      You shouldn’t wait to buy a camera just because you think another one will be available later down the road. There’s always going to be something better down the road, but if you let that hold you up, you’ll never decide on what you’re going to buy.

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      look into “Leasing” and “Rentals” if you’re running a proper business, you can write those costs off 100%

      as well as keeping current on equipment.


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      My rumor is that the Sony HDR-HC1 handles poorly, as far as reliability.

      The tapes “got wet” from too high humidity, started working, and then stopped, not allowing me to close the tape compartment, ever.

      The NX5’s $4,000, and the HC1’s $800, though, and it’s HDV.

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      sorry to hear thatXTR-91, my hdr hc1 has been bomb proof…. knock on wood

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      wow. then you must have used it in humidity 30% or lower, all of the time

      now all I’m trying to find is a cheap Sony repair that won’t charge the $512flat rate

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