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      i have bought a sony pd177 i dont know how to white balance it and don,t know how to use the picture profile pleas help me urgent

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      did it come with a manual?

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      yes with manual

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      Great. Look up “White Balance” in the index of the manual, which should be in the back, and it will tell you which page(s) to turn to so you can read how to white balance your camera.

      You really should read through your manual before you even start shooting projects with your new camera. You wouldn’t build a house with a whole bunch of tools you don’t know how to use. So you shouldn’t create a video without knowing how to use the tools either.

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      how can i change the colour by using picture profile i dont know how to use it

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      I am with Rob, The manual is your friend. Taking it a step further.

      Sit down with camera and manual and as you go through the manual, front cover to back cover, practice where the switches/menus are and how to use them as described in the manual.

      Use any household object as your subject. And lots of practice. As you start out, review your shots to see if they recorded as you intended as the viewfinder/camera screendoes not always show you everything. If not, do another take.

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      Dragonblood –

      You’ll find a vast wealth of help on these forums but don’t expect everyone to jump in and teach you how to use a camera in which you won’t invest a couple of hours to read the manual (RTFM we always said in my real job).

      Learning any new tool – camera, computer, tractor – is always an investment in time, both reading and practice. Don’t expect to become an expert, let alone proficient, by trying to get others to do your learning for you.

      Just MHO.

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      yep cant add to this discussion what has been said needed to be said

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