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      Which tapes are you using? Currently I only use the mini dvcam tapes. Granted I don’t do that much shooting with my camera …yet. I am about to start taping services at my church. My problem is I only have the one camera. Using the dvcam tapes I only have a 40 min tape. My Pastor usually preaches for longer than that. I’d really like to have everything on one tape so I won’t miss anything while trying to switch tapes.

      Any suggestions???

      PLUS where do you buy your dvcam tapes from??? Not trying to buy in mass quantity but I still want to find a good price…if possible.

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    I usually record an external firewire hd with my macbook, while recording to tape when possible. Swapping tapes doesn’t intefere with recording. tapes get used by themselves when that isn’t possible.

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    LOL I’m sure your correct, if it goes over 90 I don’t think the tape change will matter.
    I think the 90 should be more than enough time. I think I will get mini DV tapes for the services and switch my settings as you suggested.

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    The Sony PD-170 does not record nor play in LP format. Check the manual it states it in bold. In any case you’d still want to stick with SP regardless. LP is much more prone to dropouts and frame loss as well as degradation. Stick with 60min or less tapes and just practice a system of changing the tapes. When I do events that I figure might run over 60min, I’ll time myself for how long it’ll take to change the tapes. I also use more than camera. This gives you a little bit of breathing room as well. PD-170s are great cameras. I’ve never regretted buying one

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