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      I’m currently in Korea trying to look for a standard definition camcorder. I was looking for a Sony Camcorder but the guy who were selling the camcorders told me that Samsung is much better because Sony nowadays is made in China while Samsung is a Korea-based product. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

      Thank you!

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      I prefer samsung, made goog experiences with it. others prefer sony… hard to say which brand is the better one. do not wonder when a Korean is trying to sell a product produced in his country …

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      The Korean salesmen trying to sell you a Korean based product… Never used a Samsung camera, so can’t comment, but Sony, Canon, or Panasonic, all good brands, can’t go wrong.

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      Samsung manufactures imaging sensors for Pentax dslrs as does sony….

      Comparing video from the penax kx (sony) and the pentax k7(samsung) I’d say samsungs sensors are at least equal to sonys…

      now as for video cams… I own several sonys and have no direct comparison to samsung models…

      I’d look at features and price between competing models, I doubt you’ll be disappointed either way…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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