Sony NP-F970 Batteries ??

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      It appears that you can purchase the "exact" battery direct from folks in China for half the cost that can be purchased here in the States. Has anyone had good luck with this? And are the batteries good or the same? Specifically I’m looking at the Sony NP-F970 batteries. The only difference that I can see is that the ones marketed for the Asian market do not have the FCC regulation sticker on them. The price is so tempting because you can almost purchase three for the price of one… ??? Just curious if anyone has had a good experience with this.

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      Thanks Hank… a year .. hmm.. how does this compare to ones you’ve purchased here in the states?

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      Well Thank you Hank… my wife and I have been doing research trying to find out simply informaiton as you have just given me. Nobody seems to know however you have at least given us some good feedback. By the way.. I like your website. Well done… and informative.

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      I have bought a couple myself for my Sony cameras.
      They were only around $15 or $20 bucks a piece. I have never had any trouble out of them.
      It’s been a little over a year, and I am still using them today. Obviously I haven’t maxed mine out like Hank but…

      I will just caution you…
      The more mAh the battery is registered for, the more time per use you will get out of them.
      I say this because many of the batteries advertised on ebay don’t state their charge. So make sure you find a seller who states this. These will be the more reputable sellers anyway.

      Good luck

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      Thanks Brandon… I will certianly look for the mAh rating…..

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