Sony NEX-VG10 or Canon XA10?

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      which one?

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      or what is the best camera for 2000 dollars?

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      sony nex-vg10

      Advantage with 14.2 million pixel of the APS-C size CMOS sensor
      1920×1080 60i 24Mbps AVCHD video shooting

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      Hi endoftheroad — a few pros and cons that you may find useful:

      Canon XA10

      Pros: professional XLR input, full manual control of audio, power zoom, native 24p

      Cons: no shallow depth of field

      Sony VG10

      Pros: Interchangeable lenses, shallow DoF

      Cons: consumer 3.5mm audio input jack, no manual audio controls, high pixel count (14.2MP) — good for a still camera, bad for a video camera

      The high pixel count and 60i frame rate are reasons not to get the VG10. The VG10’s 14.2 MP sensor and poor compression cause its well-known moire and aliasing problems (see this review). And, if you need the standard 24p frame rate, you’re out of luck.

      I recommend the XA10 unless you absolutely need shallow DoF. The Sony can produce great images — it’s just a lot more work.

      Good luck with your decision,


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      I’ve been shooting with a VG-10 since last Nov. I don’t run into all the negatives you find in DSLR Blog’s. I think the DSLR guys expect everything to function like a DSLR even when they are not.

      The VG-10 actually shoots in 30p, its just in a 60i wrapper. I pull it in 30p. The only difference I can tell between 30p and 24p is 24p will have more motion blur, if I want that I’ll just drop my shutter to 1/50 or more.

      I was a little concerned with audio when I first got the camera but I’m not now. I fully expected to order a beachtech unit to mount under it but I have had no issues with it. The on board mic is shockingly great and the sony shot gun for the camera is suprising as well when I need to isolate sound. I’ve even used it in lue of a wireless a few times and came out with great results.

      I can’t tell you about the XA-10 but the VG-10 has been a great camera for me. With all that said, I wouldn’t really consider it a 2,000 camera as you will get other lenses for it. Thats where its strengths really are in the ability to adapt to environments and to styles with changing lenses. I got the VG-10 as a “B” camera because of its size and capability but I’ve used it for a lot more “A” roll than I thought I would.

      I would recommend going to a shop and handling them as much as you can and you’ll get a feel for which suits your needs better.

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      Ehhh? I think you can do better. Try this.

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      I will personally go with the canon as it has features tha can make video making better. Sony VG-10 is good but some features are really required to be worked on.

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