Sony miniDV handycam vs Canon ZR960

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      Hey everyone.

      Based on my research, I need a miniDV cam, because
      I am going to be doing alot of editing with this. I’m really trying to
      practice making movies, as I want to be a director one day. I”m also
      going to be filming/editing my sister’s wedding in a couple of months.
      And want it to be as professional looking as possible. But i’m very
      limited here because I can only purchase via Sears/Kmart due to their layaway program that i’m trying to utilize. I’ve only found two miniDV camcorders in my price range.

      -Sony MiniDV Handycam Camcorder


      Canon ZR960 MiniDV Camcorder with 41x Optical Zoom:

      So which do you guys recommend I purchase?

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      Please, anyone?

      Does Canons mic jack give it the edge for me?

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      I’m not famiiliar with either one (I have a sony and love it, though). You hit the nail right on the head with Sony though–the mic is a big drawback, especially for a camera that does everything else so well. I tape a lot of my audio with a separete recorder and overlay it in the videos, not because I want to but because I can’t add a mic to the camera and because sony’s VERY LIMITED selection of add on mics is, well, very limited.

      So, if sound’s big, check what mic types you’ll be using with each one and take that into consideration. That’s just my two cents.

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      Dammit I posted the wrong link.. The Sony is not a HC38, it’s a HC52

      Nevertheless.. From what i’m reading. The canon is much much better than the Sony HC52. Plus it has the mic jack.

      Though Sony has this “nightshot” technology which sounds pretty cool.

      Thanks for the input pseudosafari!

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      My friend has aCanon ZR960. Seemed to be a damn good piece of kit.

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      I have the Canon. I chose it exactly because it has an external mic input. It delivers excellent standard definition video quality. The video is ideal for putting on DVD.

      If you are going to shoot your sister’s wedding you would need to seriously consider what you are going to do for sound. I was on a tight budget when I got my Canon and bought a wireless microphone system from Azden. That has worked well for me.


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      Sony indeed.. SOny provide good quality..

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