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      So our church has started doing videos on the weekly sermons, there are about 3 video guys that rotate on a weekly bases to do taping. We have one Sony hvr-v1u, we don’t really like the camera to leave the premises, and the video guys would prefer to do the editing from there homes. So we came up with a way whereby we would purchase a Sony Memory Recording Unit – HVR-MRC1K and then each guy could use their own compact flash memory card to tape with and then take that card home to edit and eventually load the video onto our web site.

      What I like to know with our current circumstances is if this is the best way to go. Are their any better alternatives

      Thank you


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      I use it. Love it. Couldn’t be easier! Tip: Get a 1394B card and reader for your PC (or Mac). SOME Macs have them, but PCs only typically have 1394A if any. My 60MB/s CFs download to the computer at over 70MB/s.

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      I’ve been using one of these things for a couple of years and think it is great. One thing to watch out for is to be sure that it actually starts recording when the camera starts. I use it on HVR-Z5u and Z7u units and have experienced a couple of times when the MRC didn’t always start recording.

      I never actually discovered the cause of the problem as the unit works fine almost all the time. But I think it may have been due to a misconfiguration and/or starting and stopping recording in rapid succession without giving the MRC time to finish its operation. You’ll notice that the MRC runs for a few seconds after the camera stops.


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      looking to purchase 2 of these. My question is how long can you record with these knowing that it depends on the CF used?

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      I have never had it fail to record when I needed it to. Then again I always wait until the red light stops flashing after ending the last clip to make sure it starts again. HOWEVER go with a trusted brand for the CF cards. I recommend SanDisk. I used some cheaper cards when I first got it (Kingston and another brand) and both the CF cards went bad and were unusable after the first shoot (which was only 5 minutes long). My SanDisks have both lasted almost 3 years now and have never had a failure with them. HIGH SPEED card is also a plus.

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      For recording length – my 32 GB cards give me approximately 2.5 hrs of recording. I say approximately because my 30Mb/s cards show as 150 minutes when formatted, while my 60Mb/s cards show as 146 minutes when formatted. I personally think sacrificing 4 minutes of space in the end is worth the speed increase though.

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