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      Hi, I am new to this community and new to the HXR-NX5U. I have recorded some footage in SD 4:3 480/60i HQ. When I view the footage on the camera I see an 1 1/2 hour clip that I recorded. When I take the card out and transfer the file to my PC it breaks the clips into 3 30 minute clips. I’m not sure if there is a setting in the camera that I need to enable or if I need to install the software that came bundled with the camera. Any thoughts?


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      When you bring the video into your computing system you have to copy the whole AVCHD file and not just the individual clips. That way they will be one continuous strip in your editing software.

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      Hi Charles

      The AVCHD folder is empty because I shot the video in SD. I can see the individual 30 minute clips in

      MP-ROOT (folder) – > 101PNV01 (folder)

      Any thoughts?

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      I have the NX5U and love it. I always use the software that came with the camera and never take the cards out to copy them I leave then in and use a USB cable. the software is great to use, it also performs the function of combining clips that are split when switching from one card to the other.

      Hope that helps.

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