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      I’ve started working with a Z1U to cover various concert events where the general background noise is extremely loud. The on air talent uses a Shure SM58 mic hooked up to the XLR and that setup manages to reduce most background noise and capture only his/her voice. I have my audio channel levels set on automatic.

      However as for monitoring what’s actually going on, the monitor volume seems to be extremely low on my headphones. I’m usually shooting in environments where the host can’t even here himself however with my PD170 I could adjust the “audio monitor volume” and hear if everything came in ok. On the monitor control panel (underneath the LCD display) I have the volume set as high as it could go but I still can’t hear anything.

      If I set the Audio Channels Levels to Manual and raise the “record levels” I can then here everything on my headphones however all my audio levels will then exceed their peaks.

      Am I missing something really obvious here?


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      So the sound being recorded is O.K., i.e., you listen to it back in the studio later and it does the job; it’s just that you can’t hear it on your phones during the performance???
      Maybe try other headphones…
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Yeah, the sound records ok when i bring it into my system. the thing is on location i can’t hear a thing.

      if i turn the recording level up then i can hear everything but then the sound level is way past acceptable peaks.

      this tells me the camera can produce a higher signal for monitoring with the headphones, i’m just not getting it if the recording level is set to auto.

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      tried the sony mdr7505 and it still it’s a really low signal. i think i’m gonna have to go w/ an external amplifier like boostaro. thanks.

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      I have the smae problem with my FX1. I have hard time to blame the headset since my other 1 chip sony camcorder works normal and the volume monitor is loud enough.
      Did you ever found any adjustment?AC

Viewing 4 reply threads
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