Sony HVR-V1U vs. Canon XH A1

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      Hi, I’m new the forum but a regular subscriber to the Videomaker magazine. Although the reviews on both the Sony V1U and the Canon A1 were good, I wanted some personal opinions from people who have used the camera, or have done similar research. I’ve been on a ton of websites and found some good information, but I’d like to hear what you think. Specifically, the difference between Canon’s 24F and Sony’s 24p and how that effects editing/quality

      I run an independent video business and own a PD170 which I am selling. I love the low light abilities of the camera, and the only major concern of the Sony is drop in low light ability. I know HDV needs more light anyways, but is the Canon a better choice overall?

      Thanks for your time!


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      If you will be doing any special effects (freeze-frames, chromakey compositing) I think the Sony V1U is the way to go. It has TRUE progressive scan, along with HDMI out, which can be connected to a Blackmagic Intensity card in your computer to record uncompressed video (and I think take advantage of the 4:2:2 color encoding the V1U uses internally). Of course, I’m talking about recording directly to computer (as opposed to recording to miniDV, then transferring to computer).

      On the other hand, if you’re not planning any special effects, save a little money and get the Canon XH-A1 (which I suspect has sightly higher resolution).

      Just my 3 cents worth, 🙂
      Ken Hull

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      Thanks for responding Ken, does anyone else have any experience or thoughts?

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      As you mentioned you wanted good low light capability, the V1u does not offer that because it uses CMOS insted of the CCD’s which need alot more light. And that means that the low light capabilitys on the V1u are very poor. The XH A1 is a great camera and you will not be disapointed with it. the 24f is the same thing to me as the true 24p. Just diffrent companys. The V1u is the newer version of the Z1u wich has lived out it’s term, they put the same audio bord on the v1 as the z1. As far as color, the xh a1 blows away the v1 by a mile. the a1 offers so many automatic functions. If you have been doing your research that you already know which has the better quality for what you will be doing.
      I hoped this helped.


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