Sony HVR-A1U (Help I can’t get clean 1080 images)

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      Hello all ,

      I am a amateur when it comes to video work but recently for my website I wanted to record interviews, social events and music videos.

      The problem was that when I went shopping for the camera I wanted to buy something that was true HD but I didn’t know anything about “low lux” meaning the camera was terrible in low light.

      I have been fighting with this camera ever since. I was curious if anyone on this board could recommend a LED light that could mount on the camera to help with low light?

      Also, I found out about thew new canon cameras which sell dramatically cheaper than what I paid for my camera. It’s really upsetting when I saw the canon rebel t3i next to me at a shoot and it was shooting excellent footage.

      I had to setup my lighting just to catch up. I wanted to ask another question do you guys think this camera can catch HD video without disrupting the actual shoot? For example, I saw the Canon take excellent footage of people in a kitchen which was lightly dimmed, yet the Sony camera had this grainy image.

      And I feel the light when I BEAMED it in the room illuminates the room unrealistically to the point where the Canon camera’s view changes a bit.

      I know I can get some clarity with enough light. But I feel im struggling with this camera. Are there any lights I could mount on the camera that can help it get the clear shot I want?

      If anyone has “any” method to help i’d appreciate it. If I had the money I would just get a Canon and save myself the trouble. But if there are some presets I could change to help me thats real

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       blues, you can get good HD footage using additonal lighting. If you use an on-camera led lights it will probably only light directly in front of the camera and not very far away, certainly not to light a stage full of performers. This should work for interview type of shooting. I have used some leds in this manner and this worked well. While shopping for leds you will find lots of variety in number of leds as well as on-camera to free standing, battery operated/ plug ins etc. Some come with adaptors to attach to ‘sony’ style of shoe, brackets to attach to cam/ tripod/ light. Some allow additional lights to be added increasing light output. Check out sites like bhphoto, ebay, etc to see the selection. Keep shooting.

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       I appreciate it. I bought this set ( from amazon and the lighting is cool but I just get frustrated that an outside shot in the afternoon requires a light kit to get decent shots with a camera I spent 1500 dollars on. Wheras the Canon can come right out the bag and handle the low light fine. I was hoping I could find some MEGA light attachment I could put on the top of the camera but the cheap one I bought doesn’t do it I need something brighter but its just hard to find. Anyone know anyone who actually likes this camera? It’s my second forray into cameras and the small DCR-200 that I bought years ago felt more effective than this alleged “prosumer” garbage. Im just in utter disbelief that Sony could sell this camera when it flunks terribly at low light. It’s just ridiculously priced and ineffective in my opinion.


      I have posted on so many boards and no one.. says they own this camera or remotely cared for it because the XLR inputs dont out weigh the fact that its video recording sucks.

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