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      I rendered a video in Sony Home Studio and burned it in Arichtech but it didn’t have the sound . I bough the same rendered video into Pinnacle and there was no sound. When I import the sound file only it seems as if it didn’t cature ( but plays in Home studio before rendered )

      Had anyone had this problem w/ Vegas or Home Studio


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      Did you render the audio with the mpeg2 file or did you do a seperate render for the audio to ac3. If you rendered seperate you have to bring both files into the timeline in DVDA. Not sure if thats your problem, but I hope it helps.


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      good question . I’m not sure in Vegas Homes Studio it has a button that says MAKE DVD. then it renders video and auto – then ask if you want to bring the video into Sony Arcitech ( where you can do the menu’s and chapter settings )

      but for some reason it brings over the pic and not audio

Viewing 2 reply threads
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