Sony HDR XR350v [Need help]

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      We bought this camera a while back to star shooting beginner music videos with and documenting studio sessions and what not. This is the outcome of the first video.

      First of all, I know it’s nothing major, it was the first of many that we plan to do. Were just getting our feet wet.

      However, we feel like the quality of the video is not up to par for a thousand dollar camera. Is it something we messed up while editing?

      We are trying to get in the ballpark quality of these types of videos:

      I know that, that production group is completely more advanced then us as well as more introduced to videography, but is there anything off the top of your head that could of made our video look less crisp?

      Thanks for the look. Appreciate it.

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      Being an old guy, rap is not my cup of tea but I’d have to say I didn’t see a lack of quality and watched the video twice. I’m not familiar with that camera but you should try different program or picture setting to film with and if you have any control over sharpness, contrast and saturation, those can be used to soften the look. If you have control over shutter speed you can drop it slightly like 1/50 if your shooting 30 fps and have just a tiny amount of motion blur to soften movement. Also it depends on what you are editing with, there are a ton of things that can be done in post and which NLE will determin what limits you have.

      Really, I thought you did pretty dang good with the tools you have to work with. The one thing that kind of stands out to me though is I would have done some color grading in post and dropped the highlights down a bit but I have no idea what you are editing with, so I can’t really suggest how I would do anything.

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      Thank you for the comment.

      Right now I am using Sony Vegas 10 Platinum. I colour graded a little using the default plugins, although i’m still learning my way around vegas. And also, I will try changing the camera internal settings and see if that helps..

      I think the colour grading might have a lot to do with what i am seeing as far as differences go, along with lighting and what not.

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      G Star –

      Since you are using Vegas, you have a couple of options for color correction.

      1) Use the built in FX, which are plentiful and powerful – Learn to use color curves – it is your friend (along with the trimmer).

      2) Magic Bullet Movie Looks should work with your version – If it does, they have some very nice colorization presets that you may like.

      3) VASST has five ReelPaks, which are plugins for Vegas, that adjust colors for you as well –

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      I stopped back to check on the thread and watched the video again. I’man adobe guy so I would have to refer to birdcat on Vegas but while watching your video again it looked like you didn’t use a polarizing filter. That wouldhelp with the blown out highlights and bring some contrast and detail back in to thepicture, which would only help. I use Magic Bullet Movie looks in Premiere a lot and you can do some cool stuff with it butyou can’t add picture detail that you don’t capture.

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