Sony HDR XR100 - Sony Vegas 9

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I am new to this site as well as video recording and please forgive my ignorance. I record with the Sony HDR XR100 and edit with Sony Vegas Pro9 (i also haveAfterEffects, buthavent quite learned how to use it)..anyway..I am trying to get the best quality that i can,usingthe limited equipment thati have..I have a couple of general questions..

1. Is there adifference (quality loss etc.)between using a usb to transfervideo from my camera to my storage deviceas opposed tousing a firewire to transfer video?

2. Are there any other elements that affect the quality of a video other than the lighting..the camera..and the rendering settings.

3. Are there specific rendering settings that should be used to better compliment the type of camera that i use?

4. Are there any plugins or additional software that i can buy to reduce video noise orimprove quality to my video?

5. What is the best setting for high quality audio.

I think thats it..thx in advance for any help