Sony HDR-Sr12 damaged video file

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      During the video recording the power was interrupted to the camera and the the AVCHD file was damaged

      and will not upload from the camera to the computer. The file will play in the camera, and will display on a TV via the HDMI connection. Does anyone know of a recording device that I can use that will capture this

      file while playing it and uploaded to the computer? The camera has HDMI and composite video out.


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      Have you tried to download the footage directly from the card into the computer? If your computer has a HDMI capture capability, you should be able to get the footage that way. Black Magic Design makes an inexpensive video capture card called an Intensity Pro that can give you that capability. To capture from your composite out you’ll need an analog to digital converter. Be advised that most connect to your computer via firewire so if your system doesn’t have it…. VM has an online article in last month’s issue that talks about converters for more info. You may also try to play the card in another camera and see it it will upload.

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      I lovethe Hauppauge HD PVR. Sounds like it could do the trick. $204 on

      It transfers video tapes to computer and records the Sony Playstation, too.

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      you didn’t say what computer you are using…

      you can copy your hard drive from the camera to an external drive, save the copy as a disc image and try importing off the disc image, it may work.

      if not there is a sony one touch dvd burner that will record direct of the camera, but then you’ll need to edit the vob files….

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      Thanks for the help. I did see the Black Magic and the Hauppauge HD PVR. I think this is the way to go because the file is damaged. but I can capture it as it plays.

      My computer is a Dell PC XPS, with higher end hardware. Not the top, but close. It would be good to add the capture card. Gives me more options in the future.

      I can’t copy the file to another harddrive because the file is damaged. Interesting it plays in the camera okay. Fortunately!


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      Matt, FYI, the Hauppauge I was talking about is a standalone, not a card. The card version (from what I hear) is not as dependable as the standalone. Get what you think is best, but I just wanted to point that out. Good luck, and please post results if you can!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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