Sony HDR-SR1 discontinued?

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      I have read on a couple of other forums that the Sony HDR-SR1 may be discontinued. Does anyone know if this rumor is true? I bought my SR1 only last November. I’m very happy with it but am concerned that if it has been discontinued that support for it will be discontinued as well. Some people have checked and most major electronics stores such as Best Buy no longer have it in stock.
      Someone also checked the web site and they said that in fact, the SR1 has been discontinued. If this is true then I am puzzled by this because I was under the impression that the SR1 was one of Sony’s premiere consumer camcorders, their first with a hard drive and HD capability. I have not heard of any major problems that the general public has had with this camera and most of what I’ve read is that the majority of people who own this camera consider it one of the best cameras that Sony has produced, as far as a consumer camcorder is concerned. I myself consider the SR1 to by one of the best cameras I own.
      If anyone knows or can shed some light on this, please let us know.

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