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      Current equipment I use:

      Sony Camcorder HDR-SR12, same as HDR-SR11 except has more HDD memory.

      Microphone – AZDEN- WM-PRO Transmit/WR-PRO Receive Wireless Lapel mike system.

      Video Software – Vegas 8 Pro, Vegas Movie Maker Platinum, Pinnacle Premium

      Audio Software – I have the Sony Acid Pro, Sonar 8.5 LE, Magix Music Maker 16,and Sony Sound Forge that comes with Sony Movie Maker software.

      Yesterday I was in the music store and bought a ZOOM H2 digital recorder. Very exceptional as far as I can tell. I’ve read a few reviews to get a feel for it.

      I’ve not had much success researching how I can use it with my camcorder.

      In the past I just clipped the AZDEN wireless receiver to my camcorder, and put the lapel mic on the talent and clipped the transmitter to their body somewhere. This works pretty good, but to be honest the sound quality hasn’t been up to par.

      I’ve read where I can just use the Zoom H2 directly in close contact with the talent and the sound quality will be exceptional. I was concerned about sync the recorded audio and video, but I think by using a handclap as I start I can get pretty good sync/registration and edit it in vegas pro.

      Going abit too much here probably. I am interested to get as simple setup working as possible, because much of my work doesn’t allow much setup, booms, stands, etc. I handhold the camera and when I used the wireless mic system the talent is generally very free to move.

      I thought well maybe there was an implementation process I could follow and use the Lapel system in tandem some way with the Zoom H2. Yet, I’m reluctant to think that way. I thought welll I could take the little cable I normally plug into my camcorder from the Azden receiver and plug it into the Zoom H2. The Zoom H2 does have a MIC and LINE IN (plug in). THen I thought what would be the benefit of doing that???

      I did read somewhere I could buy a high quality lapel mic and plug it directly into the Zoom H2. That seems redundant, since the Zoom H2 has 4 very high quality mic built in. Anyway, that is a question I have for sure. I don’t recall how much I paid for my AZDEN wireless system, but it is kinda bottom of the line. So… it is doubtful the AZDEN lapel mic I have is up to producing what I need as an input to the Zoom H2.

      Anyway, I think I explained pretty well…I’m not quite sure to do.

      I really am pretty well sold on the Zoom H2 from all I’ve read, but it maybe I have to think of it in a different way for use with my camcorder.

      I’d certainly appreciate some thoughts or links to related information.

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      The hardwired lapel (lavaliere) mic-to-H2 might be redundant when thinking of it as a standalone digital recorder for either backup audio or with closer proximity to the desired audio sources, as the main audio recording source. And, as you noted, sync isn’t a serious problem in post, with or without the handclap. Especially if you have some dedicated audio editing software – and seems you do.

      That being said, the Zoom H2 (in spite of the “redundancy”) is an excellent portable recorder and will fit in most pants, jeans, pouch, coat or other pocket, and returns the option for “portability” which you value, without sacrificing to the various potential problems with wireless – especially wireless units in the lower quality bracket.

      Thus you avoid wireless issues such as interruption of signal, dropouts, etc. You have the advantage of portability and quick and easy setup. You have the dependability (depending, of course, on the quality and construction of the wired lapel mic system utilized) of a hardwired mic feed appropriately attached to the talent.

      A win-win situation IMHO.

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      As EarlC noted, using a hard wired RadioShack lavalier microphone (model 33-3013 or model 33-3003 if you can still find it, discontinued) plugged intothe H2with the H2 ‘installed’on one of the subjects should give you the audio you need. Since the RS lavalier is omnidirectional, youshould be able to pick up multiple people depending on the setup.As you probably have noticed there is a headphone jack on the H2, you can monitor the audioif it is possible while you are testing your setup before actually shooting.

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      Another thought on using the H2: it supplies plug in power which could make it compatible with the microphone from your Azden wireless system.

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      I love this forums, because of guys like you.

      I’ve spent 3 days google and such, searching on a myriad of terms

      and just like your last post vid-e-o-man you answered a question I was just start to search

      I didn’t know if the Azden lapel mic needed power or not to work properly.

      It is important, because often when you induce power on some devices that don’t require power you blow the circuits.

      Thanks very much for great responses… a very big help.

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      Domineaux, did you get a chance to try your Azden mic with the H2 or have you gotten a RS mic to try? How did that work out for you? Perhaps others out there would be interested in the results.

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      Sorry it has taken so long to respond on this. I didn’t have it notify me so I moved onto other things.

      The Azden mic is a very competent wireless lapel mic. I have used it quite abit, but the bucket sound is still there indoors. Outdoors it is pretty well a good go. The Azden is redundant if you use it as first level input to Zoom H2 and has nowhere near the quality of H2. I do think unless you have a video editor like a Sony,Pinnacle or other good editor you might not be able to sync recorded sound with your video as you like it.

      Now…I only use the Zoom H2 indoors, which has 4 mics in the recorder unit. The part about recorder may seem a bit confusing to readers, but the way it sets up and all with inputs and outputs it is a regular workhorse. I prefer the H2 over the Azden, in almost all instances. I just wish I’d known about it sooner.

      I just use it like I would a mic when I make videos. The sound is very good. It has the screw hole in the bottom so you can use it with boom mic, handle, etc.

      The Zoom h2 isn’t very user friendly until you have spent some time working with it. I have to re-read the manual almost every time I use it. The settings can be important and I don’t always recall best settings. Some of the buttons are multipurpose and have hard to remember sequences. Kinda like some digital watches I’ve owned. I had a Ironman watch and I had to read the docs everytime I changed day light savings. LOL

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       Domineaux, glad to hear back from you. Yes the H2 works great as a stand alone mic. The ‘presence’ that you get using the front and back mics is great. I shoot with the sr-11 and find that the onboard microphones also give good results. They can give you something similar if you don’t switch to the zoom setting. In the zoom setting, the pickup of distant subjects audio in enhanced as you zoom in on the lens. I have found the it is realitively easy to join audio from two sources while using Sony’s software by using the mute or solo function on each track to compare and sync them. Keep shooting.

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