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      Hi – I’m in the market for a new Camcorder. My old Sony Digital Hi8 is giving me some problems. I’m looking at the Sony HDR S11 model. Does anyone have any experience with it? Pros and Cons? Does it work well with Pinnacle Studio 11 or Adobe Premiere? I’d appreciate any input since it’s been almost ten years since I have bought a camcorder. Thanks.

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      I have one and love it!

      It shoots in AVCHD (native MTS files) for HD and MPEG2 for SD, so as long as your NLE supports those you’re fine (Vegas does both).

      The only two points I miss from my HC40 (which I still have and use) is 1) No time lapse and 2) No D/A passthrough (on the fly conversion to digital from composite video source). But as I said, I can do that with the HC40, just not in HD (For the time lapse, I can always rotate 90 degrees and correct in post to get 720 I guess).

      So far I’m very please with the camera itself and aside from the obvious things that make it better (no capture just copy – very quick; HD @ 1080i – sorry, no 1080p; Sony’s Nightshot, etc…) there are a couple of things you might not think about: 1) There is a little assignable wheel in the front that will allow you to set it up as a manual focus knob (NEAT!); 2) Super Slow Motion; 3) Mic can be configured as omnidirectional or zoom (like a shotgun).

      Check out the official reviews for specifics.

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      Does that camera have a LANC connection? If it does you can make a really simple time lapse controller. Basically, it just tells the camera to take a picture every so often. I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but I know I’ve seen DIY stuff on this before.

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      Nope – No LANC port (HC40 has that too).

      It does have mic and headphone jacks but no LANC.

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      I have a couple of SR12s and I just saw this today; it sounds like someone has solved the SR11/12 lanc problem.

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      Now if they could only do a cable that would allow for video and audio IN.

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