SONY HDR-HC1 (Settings for final cut pro?)

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      I’m not too sure how I should have my sequence settings when using either HD or DV in 16:9 footage shot on my sony hdr-hc1 also what capture settings should I use? I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could get back to me on this


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      I have the HDR-HC3 and have the same problems, I have final cut pro 4 and cant get it to capture the video from the camera, anyone have any ideas???

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      ok you guys will prolly hate me for this but here goes…

      I use imovie for importing and organizing, then FCE for editing.

      Behind the scenes, imovie simply is using Apple pro res, as far as I’m able to tell. I then export to xml and import the xml file into FCE when needed.

      I guess that is why the new Final Cut Pro looks like such an obvious route to go for me….

      But in final cut, I have imported footage right off my hdr hc1 directly into FCE but using the easy set up option that matches the setup I recorded with, usually hdv, 1080i 60, if that helps, if I recall, FCE was tempermental at controlling the camera, and I simply manually rewound the film, pressed play on camera and started the import in FCE which was why I resorted to using imovie in the first place, it simply worked easier.

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      thanks for your comment, I will have to try the easy setup in FCP!!!!

      thanks Jarrod

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