Sony HDR HC1

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      anyone have this cam or any knowledge on it . Does anyone recommend it ? . How does it compare to other non HD cams


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      I have the FX1 and the footage looks great on it and what I’ve heard the footage looks similar even with it only having 1 CMOS and the FX1 having 3CCD. I don’t no if you’ve checked this site out but you can post something there and find something out.
      Hope that site helps.


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      these are 2 of the camcorders I’m looking at . I really like the Sony but I heard there are alot of different thing w/ capture and editing HD video . I’m still a beginner so I can upgrade later to HD if its difficult.

      how would you look at these two cam is HD very difficult

      I read the GS400 gets 540 horizontal lines

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      I haven’t used the HC1 other than playing around with it at best buy. Seems pretty small, and difficult to hold as steady. I have also heard that with the cmos sensor, still photo flashes cause problems when recording.. That’s not a danger I want to deal with shooting weddings. I would recommend the FX1


Viewing 3 reply threads
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