Sony HDR-FX1 Pricing Question

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      Hi … I’m looking at starting a wedding videography business. I’ve been doing it for my family for years now and have always loved it. I bought a Mac Quad G5 and Final Cut Pro for my editing. I’m a PC guy so I’m just learning the basics on the Mac and FCP right now. I’ve been researching the cameras for some time now and I do want to get HD cameras. I think for my budget the FX1 fits the bill. I have found a huge price difference on the web and I wanted to know what everyone thought of some of these discount places. At you can get the FX1 for $1495 when at most "name" places it is over $3000. Is this too good to be true or are they offering a knock-off or something shady? Any ideas on wireless mics would be great too.


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      Beware of those places. I had the same problems ordering my PD170. There are many places that will scam you. Keep looking around at the reviews of the places you think you might want to order from.

      Most of the guys here will tell you to use B&H to purchase cameras, and after all of the research I did for mine, I used them too.

      In-fact, I have to go to the UPS at 8:00pm tonight to pick mine up. Can’t wait… 😀 😀

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