Sony Hdr fX1 Motion Blur update info

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      I am at 725 or 1000 on the Shudder speed. I Do not know a lot about this camera and the settings. I got it through Best Buy for business and they are no help at all. I want to have a simple setup and use the auto focus. I may be overlooking a setting. The tape has the same quality picture when played back on anything. I have used the Eye piece as well as the LCD screen. If I pan across a crowd of people or letters on a sign I would have to go so slow I would miss all the action. I am not trying to follow a golf ball through the air, just a baseball player running or a jogger. Frame rate setting I have no clue. Cineframe is off, auto focus on, just a basic setup is all I need. I hook up the camera to the Imac with the I link port. I can use I movie or Express and It is slow and Blury on the I mac. It plays in real time on the camera LCD screen. As the video is imported it says Importing HD video in real time on the mac. It slows down and has a Time code break. Sometimes it stops and goes to blue screen. Then I have to start all over. I am not a pro at all. I would rather Be in front of the camera. But due to no good help anymore I have to do something. Let me know what you think… Thanks for all you’re help..

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      you might find some answers here… from what I read, it seems to be a “problem” with this camera. Do a search for motion blur and fx1 and you should get about 3 pages of related topics. I have one and have tried using high shutter speeds as you have, while recording my son’s football games and it seems to help. However, I am not up close but at least 35 yds away and 25′ above the field so “fast” moving images are reduced because of the distance.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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