Sony Hdr Fx1 Motion blur

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      I have had a Motion blur from day one with this camera. If you pan side to side on people or letters on a sign it

      will blur. I was told the processer in the focus can’t handle fast action. I am better off with my standard VHS camcorder

      from 1990. The other problem is that it has a Time code break when I import it in my Imac. I can’t produce a good video with these two

      problems. Any answers Please….

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      I think we need more info.

      What frame rate and shutter speed are you using?

      Do you see motion blur in the raw footage or is it when you import into your NLE? If you see it when you get to post, are you capturing with the proper settings?

      Are you using an external monitor in post? If so, do you see it on that monitor? Computer screens aren’t reliable.

      Also know that the HDV codec is buggy because it records at 25mbps, which is the same as DV. So trying to record HD as the same data rate as DV causes problems sometimes.

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