Sony HDR FX1 focus problem

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      I recorded a wedding and noticed that some of my shots were out of focus and would then refocus correctly (like it was pulsating). I use the auto focus mode and have never had a problem until I starting using Sony DV tapes…previously used Maxell. Could it be a coincidence with the tapes or is something else happening here? Any suggestions Thanks

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      I’m almost 100% sure it’s not related to which brand of tapes you use.

      It is possible that your heads may be "dirty".
      I know you should clean your heads when you move from one tape brand to another.
      Dirty heads more often will lead to drop frames but you could see "soft" focus too.
      I use Sony tapes in my FX1 and it’s only out of focus when I fail to focus it so try to clean your heads and test it.
      If it’s not dirty heads or one bad tape you may have a deeper issue.

      The best autofocus in world can be fooled at times and go into "hunt" mode so try to listen to your autofocus motor to see if you can hear it trying to find a focusing point.

      It also could be the very easy and simple -there was nothing with strong lines for your autofocus system to lock onto.

      Autofocus – Can’t live with it – Can live without it!!!

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