Sony HDR FX 7 problem

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      AvatarSafety Steve

      Something strange happened yesterday after I shot a segment and played it back in VCR mode. I played and slow motioned rewind three times to review the clip and then I got a blue screen.

      When I got home, I tried previewing the video again and it is not there, just a blue screen on the LCD.

      I am just starting to really use the camera and I don’t if I accidently pressed another button while rewinding. Any thoughts?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      pop a tape you know in and check playback. Go ahead and plug it into your nle and check playback. Look for error messages and clean the heads if needed (not with a head-eating tape… open it up and clean right)

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      AvatarSafety Steve

      Thanks for replying grinner. I discovered that if the button next to the record button is pressed for more than 3 seconds, it causes the screen to turn blue and not show the video. I find this quite interesting since there is absolutley no discussion about this in the manual or anywhere else to be found. the fact is, this button is not even identified in the manual. It shows the record button, but no name for this one. Anyhow, things are fixed and working.

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