Sony HDR-CX560V

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      I’d love to buy this camera. I want to be able to shoot in 720 as most of my work will go on YouTube for my company. From what I understand most other camcorders only shoot 1080, not both 1080 and 720, so that allows me to shoot in HD when I want.

      Does ANYONE have this or have an input on it’s specs. I hear it’s great in low light, better than the Canon s30 that I was looking before this.

      I’m using Sony Vegas and also want to make sure that it’ll be easy to drag and drop the 720X480i video shot in their ‘cinematone’ 24p over to my computer or of there’s any potential issue.

      This is my first camcorder purchase! Thanks for your help!

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      720×480 is 16×9 SD widescreen. 1280×720 is 720p HD.

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      Sorry doublehamm, but can you break that down a little further.

      My friend is telling me that because this is interlaced it won’t really get as high quality as shooting in ‘p’ mode. I’m tech savy, but still newish to the relevance of these terms.

      Any help?

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      a small piece on the 560 is at:

      Also, the manual is downloadable from Sony.

      It is a terrific piece of equipment.

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      Thanks joseph.. yea, I’ve think I’m going to go for it.. looks like the best way to go.. I could spend the same amount and buy a used prosumer camera, but that was even harder to figure out which way to go. If anyone has any suggestions on a used prosumer for $1000 let me know…

      I def. want to shoot using compact flash. Any other thoughts?

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      Here is the Sony specs on this model:

      I have two HDR-CX7s that I really like for weddings, church and school events.  Low light is good but the auto-focus drifts in and out of focus.  No view finders on these models.

      Your selection does not support compact flash, but MSProDuo and SD.

      Filter accessories can be problematic, too.


Viewing 5 reply threads
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