Sony HDR-CX12 Needs Repair–Lens Issue?

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      Help! I dropped my Sony HDR-CX12 on a rock while filming my daughter trout fishing. We caught no trout, so I didn’t miss much, but now it won’t film. There is NO visible damage to the outside of the camera.

      Specifically, when I turn it on it makes a clicking sound. At first it was out of focus, and as I zoomed back out wide, it would focus. Recorded video at that level of zoom looked okay, but of course you could hear the clicking sound. Zooming inwas not an option (wouldn’t focus). After less than a minute of recording like that, it now does not even record at wide view–it gives me an error message that cannot be cleared and it won’t record. It flashes the message E:61:11 in the upper right of the preview window. I switched off the EASY settings (yeah, I know, I’m an amateur) and tried manual zooming. Works for wide, but while zooming in it loses focus and cannot be manually fixed; when you arrive at FULL ZOOM it can be adjusted to be clear. The clicking has now stopped, too.

      Basic research on Google suggests it’s a “stuck lens.” Any ideas on where to get it repaired or IF it can be repaired? I’m in Northeast PA.

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      Thanks, I’ll give them a try!

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      Derek, thanks for the referral. I sent it out less than two weeks ago and got it back from them today. By all appearances after my initial tests, it works perfectly. And they weren’t too bad on price either! Saved me a bundle compared to buying a new one, that’s for sure.

      Thanks–this forum is tops!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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