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      I have recently started using aSony HDR-AX2000 mostly for short videos. However last week I recorded an 75 min lecture. When I grabbed the files from the card I noticed that they were broken into 1.98 gb files. I then use iSkySoft Video Convertor to convert them into a mpg.4 for Final Cut Pro. When I bring them into FCP there are “Hicups” in the video and audio where the files are broken. Some of them the audio flows thru fine but the video is bad, some of them have problems with the both. Is this normal? Is there something I can change to correct this??

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      This camcorder split files after around 12 minutes and you loss some audio and video frames (the “Hicups” in the video you mention). The only way I found to fix this is by converting the video using the Sony Picture Content Manager included with the camcorder. Since you are a Mac user you will not be able to use the Sony Picture Content Manager (Windows Only), so you need a Windows computer to fix this. Sadly I haven’t found an application for Mac that can join this files.

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      I am absolutely no expert on the subject because I’m still using tape based HDV cameras, but I’ve read on other forums that you need to use Sony’s software that came with the camera, to seamlessly join the files. I think it’s called Content Management Software…?

      A little further searching and I found this…

      Click to access 25697_NXCAM_FCP_FR.pdf

      here’s the quick excerpt from page 7

      .MTS file
      This is the high quality AVCHD video stream data. During long recordings, the clip is
      automatically divided (spanned) into 2GB segments. Spanned files are seamlessly merged
      while transferring to Final Cut Pro via the Log & Transfer window.

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      Thanks guys. This was helpful, not what I wanted to hear, but helpful. I just installed the Sony Content Management Software on a PC and it brought the files in as 1 larger file. I am now converting it and will then move it over to the Mac for editing. Thank you again for your help.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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