Sony HDR-AX2000 audio issues–Please help!

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      I recently purchased a Sony HDR-AX2000 and use it primarily to shoot PSAs, press conferences, and sit-down interviews. So far, I’m a huge fan of this camera, with the one exception being the audio performance. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, but I was trained on an HVR-Z1U and don’t remember having these audio issues with that camera. I shot an interviewseveral weeks ago using a SONY ECM-44B in Input 1 on the MIC setting on Manual Input. I boosted the audio level on the Input 1 dial to the “8” out of 10 setting, and still didn’t get theaudio to register any higher than 1/3 of the chart. In post, I boosted the audio as high as I could, but after exporting to Quicktime, you still had to crank the computer’s volume all the way up in order to clearly hear the interview.

      I’ve consulted the manual numerous times and played around with difference settings, but I stillcan’t figure out if I’m doing something wrong here or if there’s some setting that needs to be adjusted that I’ve just missed. I’ve also attempted to alter the gain, but haven’t noticed much difference. Any help or ideas that anyone could offer on how to boost the audio would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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      One more thing. I also encountered the same low audio issues with an Azden SGM-PD II phantom-powered shotgun mic on the MIC +48V setting.

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      Did you try a different microphone with this camcorder?

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      it sounds like you have an impedance mismatchsearch for +4/-10 on google. most pro mics are hotter +4 where as consumer mics are -10.

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      Suggest use a process of elimination to solveyour audio problem

      Test to see if the cameras own internal mic works normally,monitor with headphones/earpieceand alsoset up LCD Viewfinder to display audio channels levels. Download your test recording to editing software and check results. If low volume problem occurs with your normal editing software download to Win Movie Maker and check audio levels in that software. That test will at least eliminate any camera and software problems. etc.

      Next to check is the SONY ECM-44B whose specifications state that it is powered by a 1.5v AA battery with the following notation “Phantom Power Not supported”. Thisrequires switching off the +48V to line 1 (when you plug-in the ECM-44B to Line 1 on your HDR-AX2000) and same time ensuring the battery is good. Follow the same test procedure as for internal mic.

      Suspect what is happening the ECM-44B is not working by reasonincorrect +48V switch position and what audio you are recording is originating from the units own internal mic. Hopethis helps solve your problem.

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